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Trump vs Trump

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

Donald Trump has been known to change policy stands or say completely contradictory things, both during his campaign and presidency, sometimes on the same day. That’s not the smartest thing to do when your job requires others to believe you and trust you.

Why does Mr. Trump do that? Is he an unprincipled opportunistic liar? Does he have an evil twin brother or clone? Could he have a split personality disorder? Is he a Manchurian candidate who is controlled by some evil dictator? So many possibilities.

Someday, perhaps, we will discover the why, but for now, let’s look at just a few of Donald’s Trump vs Trump biggest hits. Feel free to share some of your own. -Martie

Firing Comey

Trump #1 tweeted that former FBI Director James Comey was NOT fired over the “Trump-Russia thing.” [2018-April-18]

Trump Tweet 2018-April-18 - Slippery James Comey


Trump #2 told NBC anchor, Lester Holt, in a television interview, that he was going to fire James Comey over the “Trump-Russia thing” regardless of the recommendations from the Attorney General Sessions or Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein. [2017-May-11]

Signing a Bi-Partisan DACA Bill

Trump #1 told a group of Senators, during a televised work session, to bring him a bipartisan DACA bill and he would sign it, whatever it was. [2018-Jan-09]


Trump #2 told Senators Graham and Durbin, two days later, that he would NOT sign their bipartisan DACA bill. (And then he called certain countries, “sh*thole countries.”) [2018-Jan-11]

Economic Sanctions on Russia

Trump #1 White House gave the okay for UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to announce, on multiple Sunday morning talk shows, that the U.S. would impose economic sanctions on Russia.[2018-April-15]


Trump #2 White House said, over the next two days, that UN Ambassador Haley “misspoke,” and that she was “confused.” (To which Ambassador Haley replied, “With all due respect, I don’t get confused.”) [2018-April-17]

Putin/Russian Business Connections

Trump #1 bragged that he had met Mr. Putin & he had lucrative business deals with Russians. [2013]


Trump #2 denied ever meeting Mr. Putin and denied having ANY business dealings with Russians. [2016]

Grab Them By The P*SSY

Trump #1 apologized for his “locker room talk” on the Access Hollywood “grab them by the p*ssy” tape. [2016-Oct-07]


Trump #2 commented to some Senators that the Access Hollywood Tape is probably fake, implying he never said what was on that tape. (Access Hollywood confirmed that the tape was real.) [2017]

Jail Women Who Get Abortions

Trump #1 said, on a TV interview, that women who get abortions should go to jail or some kind of punishment. [2016-March-30]


Trump #2 said, a few hours later, that he never said that women who get abortions should go to jail. He said, in his updated views, that doctors who perform the abortions should be punished. [2016-March-30]

Ask Congress to Strike Militarily

Trump #1 derided President Obama for not seeking Congressional approval before launching military strikes. [2013-Aug-29]


Trump #2 overruled General Mattis who recommended getting Congressional approval before launching military strikes on Syria. [2018-April-13]

Release His Tax Returns

Trump #1 promised many times to release his tax returns: if Obama released his birth certificate; if he ran for President; then, if he was the GOP nominee for POTUS; then, if he got elected President; and, then, “as soon as the audit is finished.” [2011-2017]


Trump #2, after getting elected POTUS, refused to ever release his tax returns because “nobody cares.” [2017-January]

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