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College Freshmen: Back-To-School Reminders

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

You are heading back to school and there is so much to do, to buy, and to bring. So begin by getting organized.

Sit down, brainstorm, and make a list.

Think about a typical day. Think about the worst day. Think about weekdays and weekends. Think about mornings, afternoons, evenings, really late evenings. Think about everyday activities. Think about special occasions. Think about sickness and health. Think about the weather – cold, rainy, hot, snow.

And after all that thinking you will have a very long list of your own.

But here are a few reminders, just in case you need a little help getting started.

  1. HEALTH: Make appointments to see your doctor, your dentist, and your eye-care specialist before you leave for school. Get those special lab tests, exams, and physicals you might need. Make sure to include a visit to the pharmacy for any over-the-counter medications or prescription drugs, including aspirin or Tylenol for those headaches you will surely get.
  2. INSURANCE: Check that you have the insurance and information you will need while you are at school, including health, dental, vision, auto, and renter’s insurance; and don’t forget the fix/replace warranties that you have for your computer, phone, iPod, stereo, cameras, and any other equipment or devices.
  3. FIX & MAINTAIN: If it is not in-the-box-new, check your car, computer, electronic devices, and anything else you will be taking to school to make sure they are working properly. Now is the time to fix what needs fixing and perform a routine maintenance as needed.
  4. SHOPPING LIST: First of all, don’t sweat this one, they will have stores wherever you are going to go to school. But in general, make a list thinking from the moment you get up to the moment you go to bed and everything in between, include office supplies, personal care items, bedding, family photos, textbooks, electronic equipment, clothes, snacks, and organization tools.

All in all, don’t stress, anything you forget you can buy there or beg mom and dad for a care package. Most of all, have fun and enjoy the moment – it will be over before you know it! (Really.)

Martie Hevia © 2009 | All Rights Reserved

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Frosh 2010 – Shirt by bluebeachsong
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Frosh 2010 – Hooded Sweatshirt by bluebeachsong
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3 Comments leave one →
  1. 2009-September-11 2:31 PM

    Anytime…you really did do a great job w/ the list and this post!

  2. 2009-September-3 2:28 AM

    Thanks so much for the feedback and the kind comments. I really appreciate it. -Martie

  3. 2009-September-2 4:04 PM

    Awesome list…should really help out a lot of people (both Parent and Student alike)…and the clothes are awesome, really digg’n the design.

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