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Trump’s First 100 Days Songs Playlist | #ProtestSongs to March for Change

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

Trump 100 Days 100 Song Playlist by BlueBeachSongToday is Saturday, April 29, 2017, and it marks Donald Trump’s first 100 Days in office as President of the United States. (No, it’s okay, I needed a moment, too.)

It is hard to believe that it has been one-hundred days. It really feels like, oh, I don’t know…years!

So, meandering from thought to thought in a nonsensical run-on sentence, as our “winning” leader is wont to do, because he is “a very, very smart person” who “knows all the best words,” as he has told us so many times, despite his small ego and bigly hands the better to grab us by the…oh, (unintelligible)…and, so, to conclude, below is a YUUUGE collection I have compiled of 100 songs to mark Trump’s first 100 days…and to celebrate us surviving him and his kleptocratic kakistocracy of merry Russian men, billionaires, generals, and family members.

So, as I was saying…It is the best 100-Song Playlist in the world. Everybody says so. Believe me. Cross my heart and hope NOT to die while a couple of insecure guys try to settle whose nuclear missile is bigger, yes, Trump & North Korea, I’m talking to you…oh, and you Syria, and ISIS, and Russia, and…God help us!

On a serious note…

Seeing the humor in difficult situations can help us navigate through difficult times, which can also serve as a form of resistance and community. So, I hope you will understand that my attempt at humor in this post does not diminish how seriously I take the current state of our politics.

#TheResistance movement has been busy online and in real life uncovering and sharing information; actively organizing, marching and protesting; as well as coping through humor and music with the incredulous insanity of Russia’s interference in our 2016 election resulting in the election of Donald Trump.

A few days ago, the hashtag #TrumpsDay100Songs was trending on Twitter as people shared song titles to mark Trump’s first 100 days. I was no exception.

My mind flooded with countless songs relevant to Trump, about Trump, relevant in title only, or in meaning, relevant to the Resistance movement, to peaceful protesters, to the times, to specific issues and struggles. So, I wrote them down and below are my meager offerings to the effort, an eclectic collection of 100 songs – across genres and decades.

(If you need a little motivation and inspiration, listen to them today as you participate in the Climate Marches taking place across the country.)

On a personal note, if you follow me on Twitter @BlueBeachSong, you’ve probably noticed that since the election, like so many others, I have been focused more on news, information, commentary, resources, activities, efforts, and issues related to Trump, our government, and #TheResistance. It feels pressingly important and urgent. However, I do look forward to the day when we have resolution on all-things Trump, we get answers to our questions, and we can all go back to some version of normalcy.

In the meantime, I hope you, too, will get involved, join the conversation, educate yourself on the issues, and stay informed – every day – about what’s going on in our country, our government, in the White House and in Congress. And don’t ever stop. Stay engaged, so this does not happen again. We lose our democracy when we allow foreign powers to manipulate our elections.

In the end, the power we have is to make ourselves educated voters and then…vote! And if you can, run for office. Find your way – big or small – to take back control, seek the truth, and hold our politicians accountable. So, tweet, march, run, organize, protest, call, write, create, vote, and sing protest songs. Given the enormous sacrifices the founding fathers and mothers of this democracy made, isn’t active citizenship a small price to pay to keep it safe?

#Resist. #Insist. #Persist. And keep on marching! –Martie | Blue Beach Song

NOTE: Artists listed are those performing the songs in the videos, and not necessarily the songwriters.

Trump’s First 100 Days 100 Songs Playlist

  1. A Change Is Gonna Come
    by Sam Cooke

  2. America
    by Simon & Garfunkel

  3. American Idiot
    by Green Day

  4. Another Brick in the Wall
    by Pink Floyd

  5. Asshole
    by Dennis Leary
    (Warning Graphic Language)

  6. Back in the USSR
    by The Beatles

  7. Bad
    by Michael Jackson

  8. Bad Reputation
    by Joan Jett

  9. Beat It
    by Michael Jackson

  10. Believe Me
    by Usher

  11. Big Yellow Taxi
    by Joni Mitchell

  12. Blowin’ In The Wind
    by Bob Dylan

  13. Boulevard Of Broken Dreams
    by Green Day

  14. Born in the U.S.A.
    by Bruce Springsteen

  15. Bridge Over Troubled Water
    by Art Garfunkel

  16. Bye Bye Bye

  17. Chain of Fools
    by Aretha Franklin

  18. Crazy
    by Britney Spears

  19. Crazy
    by Patsy Cline

  20. Dear Mr. President
    by Pink

  21. Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
    by Joan Jett

  22. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me
    by Boy George/Culture Club

  23. Don’t Let Me Down
    by The Beatles

  24. Draft Dodger Rag
    by Phil Ochs

  25. End Of The Line
    by The Traveling Wilburys

  26. Eve of Destruction
    by Barry McGuire

  27. Every Breath You Take
    by The Police

  28. Everybody Plays the Fool
    by The Main Ingredient

  29. Everybody Wants To Rule The World
    by Tears For Fears

  30. Fight Song (for Hillary)
    by Elizabeth Banks & Friends (A Capella)

  31. For No One
    by Paul McCartney

  32. For What It’s Worth
    by Buffalo Springfield

  33. Friends in Low Places
    by Garth Brooks

  34. From Russia with Love
    by Matt Monro / James Bond film

  35. FDT PT 2 (F*ck Donald Trump)
    by YG featuring G-Eazy & Macklemore
    (Warning Graphic Language)

  36. God’s Away on Business
    by Tom Waits

  37. Good Riddance
    by Green Day

  38. Goodbye To You
    by Patty Smyth & Scandal

  39. Goodnight Saigon (We will all go down together)
    by Billy Joel

  40. Handle With Care
    by The Traveling Wilburys

  41. HELP!
    by The Beatles

  42. Highway to Hell
    by AC/DC

  43. I Keep Forgettin
    by Michael McDonald

  44. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
    by U2

  45. I’d Like To Buy The World A Coke (Hilltop)
    from Coca-Cola 1971 Commercial

  46. If I Only Had A Brain
    from The Wizard of Oz

  47. I’m a Loser
    by The Beatles

  48. I’m Goin’ Down
    by Bruce Springsteen

  49. I’m No Angel
    by Gregg Allman

  50. It’s the End of the World As We Know It
    by R.E.M.

  51. Karma Chameleon
    by Boy George/Culture Club

  52. Lips Are Movin
    by Meghan Trainor

  53. Lyin Eyes
    by Eagles

  54. Man In The Mirror
    by Michael Jackson

  55. Mercy Mercy Me (The Ecology)
    by Marvin Gaye

  56. Money for Nothing
    by Dire Straits

  57. My Hometown
    by Bruce Springsteen

  58. Nasty Man
    by Joan Baez

  59. No Surrender
    by Bruce Springsteen

  60. Nowhere Man
    by The Beatles

  61. Old Man
    by Neil Young

  62. Oops!…I Did It Again
    by Britney Spears

  63. Our Lips Are Sealed
    by The Go-Go’s

  64. Release Me
    by Wilson Phillips

  65. Revolution
    by The Beatles

  66. Rise Up
    by Andra Day

  67. Send in the Clowns
    by Judy Collins

  68. Simple Man
    by Lynyrd Skynyrd

  69. Slip Slidin’ Away
    by Simon & Garfunkel

  70. Smooth Criminal
    by Michael Jackson

  71. Still Crazy After All These Years
    by Paul Simon

  72. Super Freak
    by Rick James

  73. Sympathy for the Devil
    by The Rolling Stones

  74. Takin’ It To The Streets
    by Michael McDonald/The Doobie Brothers

  75. Talkin’ Bout a Revolution
    by Tracy Chapman

  76. The Fool on the Hill
    by Paul McCartney

  77. The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
    by Fun Boy Three

  78. The Times They Are A-Changin’
    by Bob Dylan

  79. These Boots Are Made for Walkin’
    by Nancy Sinatra

  80. This Is Not America
    by David Bowie

  81. This Land Is Your Land
    by Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen

  82. Toxic
    by Britney Spears

  83. Toy Soldiers
    by Martika

  84. Troubled Times
    by Green Day

  85. Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
    by Wham!

  86. War
    by Bruce Springsteen

  87. We Didn’t Start the Fire
    by Billy Joel

  88. We’re Not Gonna Take It
    by Twisted Sister

  89. What A Fool Believes
    by Michael McDonald/The Doobie Brothers

  90. What Have I Done To Deserve This
    by Pet Shop Boys

  91. What’s Going On
    by Marvin Gaye

  92. What’s Love Got To Do With It
    by Tina Turner

  93. What’s the Matter Here?
    by 10,000 Maniacs

  94. Where Have All the Flowers Gone
    by Joan Baez

  95. Where Is The Love?
    by Black Eyed Peas

  96. With A Little Help From My Friends
    by Joe Cocker

  97. Yesterday
    by Paul McCartney

  98. You Can’t Always Get What You Want
    by The Rolling Stones

  99. You’re A Mean One, Mr. Trump
    by College Humor a Grinch Parody

  100. You’re So Vain
    by Carly Simon

Please feel free to share your own “Trump 100 Day” songs in the comments section below! -Martie


Martie Hevia (c) 2017 | All Rights Reserved | @BlueBeachSong


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