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Jay Leno’s Back!

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

Well, he’s back on the Tonight Show and better than ever!

Jay Leno’s first night back, after nine months in Oz, was this past Monday (March 1, 2010) right after the Winter Olympics and it turns out it was all a bad dream… at least that’s how he began his return, with a skit straight out of the Wizard of Oz… in bed, surrounded by his former cohorts, and Betty White!

Jay killed on his monologue, but I think he is at his best and funniest when he is out meeting people on the street, as with his JayWalking, or in this case, showing up unannounced at people’s homes in search of a desk.

Of course, he had to try out the desks… right there in these people’s homes… as surprise guests dropped by, like comedian Adam Corolla at one house and Randy Jackson from American Idol at another. The look on the homeowners’ faces, the screaming that followed, and their digital photo snapping as Jay interviewed Randy in the Byron Family’s living room… priceless!

Clearly, Jay is back and grateful for the second chance, and he is not disappointing! He returned the Tonight Show to Number 1 in the ratings with 6.6 million viewers its first night.

What more can NBC ask of the man? (Ahhh, to leave his number one show so that they can give it to some younger star who demands it? Oh, wait, that was just a bad dream!)

Way to go, Jay. And welcome back!

NOTE: To get you weaned back on to what good, clean humor is all about, and because I cannot do justice to these episodes… I have videos! The Tonight Show’s full episodes are available for a limited time at: Tonight Show with Jay Leno – Full Episodes or click on the titles below. Enjoy!

LINK: Episode 1: 3/1/2010

LINK: Episode 2: 3/2/2010

LINK: Episode 3: 3/3/2010

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  1. 2010-July-2 3:13 AM

    Poor Jay might get fired next will he be able to survive this one?

    • 2010-July-2 8:48 AM

      Tania, thanks for sharing the article regarding Jay’s ratings dipping below Conan. In Jay’s defense, Conan’s show begins 30 minutes earlier than the Tonight Show, which means Conan gets first dibs on the audience and if he can keep them hooked, if only because people are curious about his new show, then, of course, Jay’s numbers will take a hit. Ultimately, I blame NBC. The deal they made with Conan – to ask Jay Leno to give up the Tonight Show in five years to Conan, when throughout the period Jay had the number 1 show – was not only unfair to Leno, but absolutely a bad business move. But NBC further exacerbated the problem and hurt the Jay Leno brand when they failed to defend Leno, or set the record straight, against Conan’s relentless attacks on Jay Leno, allowing Conan to turn Jay into the scapegoat for everything that went wrong: Conan’s numbers falling to #3 or #4, the Jay Leno Show unable to compete against the prime-time shows, moving Conan to 12:05am, asking Leno to do 30 minutes instead of 60 and start at 11:35pm, and then asking Leno to take back the Tonight Show when Conan didn’t want the later time slot. Personally, I feel bad for Jay, but I think in the end, if NBC lets him go, Leno will come out ahead and at least he won’t be subjected to the machinations of the dysfunctional family that is NBC. Jay Leno is a funny and talented man, he seems like a good guy, and I have no doubt that he will find a brighter future without NBC. (IF NBC is smart, they will let the curiosity over Conan’s new show die down – remember Conan’s ratings went up when he initially took over the Tonight Show and again at the end, when he was leaving the Tonight Show – and let the numbers settle back down. Unfortunately, they make these knee-jerk decisions, which makes me question the capability of the executives over at NBC.) Wow, did I go on a bit! Thanks, again, for sharing the article, Tania. -Martie

    • 2010-July-3 3:14 AM

      If jay leno leaves NBC I will not watch that tv station anymore and I will follow Jay where he decides to go but I guess it will be best for jay you know what I think jay will be able to secure a better deal than conan did I think a major network will take the risk with him because the despte all the contraversy he has show to be a dependable emplyee and that he does his work with integrity.

      I think what started all this was the NBC comcast deal Telemundo for example will soon longer be under the tutilege of NBC but of comcast

      Changing the subject Im glad you liked the Cuevas website he is a very talented artist, very smart, very funny, and yes very handsome hehehe:)

    • 2010-July-3 9:21 AM

      Cuevas’ collection of personal photographs from 1930s – present was fascinating. Without a single word he told his story. For purely art’s sake, here is a link to the Spanish artist Alvar Sunol (simply known as Alvar): – I just love his work – the colors and his depiction of women – it seems to always be women. You might enjoy his work. Happy 4th, Tania!

  2. 2010-May-8 3:12 AM

    another chapter of the best telenovela on television the NBC latenight fiasco

  3. 2010-April-30 10:55 AM

    I am going to watch the interiew online I dont know how Im going to contain myself without getting pissed and actually see it all:( If you write a post let me know I love love to read what you have to say.

    I cant belive Time has declared coco one of the most influencial people of the year (in a postive way) if he is some sort of hero well what kind of people is our society looking up to? 😦

  4. 2010-April-30 3:57 AM

    I cant stand Conan’s cynicism !!!!!!!!!!!

    Im going to watch the interview because its the best “telenovela” on the air 😉 and to say “bye” to the Conan I thought i knew and Liked for years , for old times sake, I have to admit he made me laugh hard at times thats why its kinda sad

    I seriously thought or deep down wanted to believe though Conan was going to be more mature about it he had months to reflect and cool off.

    I have noticed that on the internet (that use to love) him many people are not buying his “victim” persona anymore perhaps they are not with Jay but they aren’t blindly siding with him either. they dismiss him as being a hypocrite a person that of touch with reality and most of all a crybaby

    His past actions and words seem to be turning against him like in a good telenovela the plot continues to thicken to be continued …

    • 2010-April-30 7:20 AM

      Thanks, Tania, I read the excerpt of the interview link you sent… I sat there stunned. Like you, I thought that with time he would realize how Leno was not the bad guy in all this, in fact, he (Conan) was the one that asked to take the Tonight Show from Leno. If I were going to give anyone ‘the-right-to-play-victim-for-a-day’ card, I would have given it to Leno. Well, I am disappointed in Conan. I guess when I wrote in the post that he was acting like a child-man, I was being too generous on the ‘man’ part. -Martie

  5. 2010-March-26 1:39 AM

    ratings for this week and last

    Who said Jay was “dead”?

    Id love to hear his detractors’ arguments now.

  6. 2010-March-13 2:12 AM

    The race this week was neck to neck with letterman but JAY HAD TOP RATINGS ONCE AGAIN


    • 2010-March-8 5:49 PM

      Thanks, Tania, for sharing this site, TV By the Numbers, really interesting info!

  7. 2010-March-5 3:37 PM

    yeah embeding can be a pain in the butt
    vodpod deosnt seem to work on the blogs I write for anymore thanks keep up the good writing 🙂

  8. 2010-March-5 12:08 AM

    embed the episodes on hulu I don’t know whats wrong with the NBC site

    • 2010-March-5 9:33 AM

      Hi Tania, apologies. On WordPress there are few options for posting videos. I started using VodPod, which seems to not be playing nicely with NBC. I’ll try to figure out an alternative. In the meantime, the links above the video players will take you to the NBC site, which is working. Thanks. -Martie

  9. 2010-March-4 12:19 AM

    love the way you end your article

  10. 2010-March-4 12:14 AM

    cool cool I love jay watching he funny in a normal in a way that you and I are funny jiust funny

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