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A Few Words About My Family

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

After writing my last post, A Few Words of Parenting Wisdom & A Happy Father’s Day, it got me thinking about families in general and my family in particular. Families, like individuals, seem to have their own characteristics and personalities, its members sharing common attributes and experiences which bind them together in an exclusive club. And, so, with your indulgence, here are a few words about my family. I hope it gets you thinking about yours.

When I think of the threads that bind my children, my family, and me, my first thought is ‘laughter’ – we crack each other up, we laugh hard, doubled-over-tears-streaming kind of laughter. We enjoy each other’s company, although it never feels like enough time.

We are hard-working and soft-hearted. We take on more than our share of work and activities, unable to say no when others need help or things need to get done. We can’t help but root for or defend the underdog and we are not afraid to do what is right or to embrace unpopular or un-winnable causes, if they are just. Service to others has long been a cornerstone of our family.

We enjoy hours of open-minded, meandering, passionate discussions and debates with each other, even when we are on opposites sides of an issue or political spectrum. We enjoy playing games and sports together, not for the competition, but for the time spent together. (Okay, a little bit for the competition – it sneaks in there every-now-and-then.)

We face adversity as a matter of course, knowing that giving up is not an option. And although, God knows, we have faced more adversity than most, we know we have not faced as much as others.

And no matter how far away we roam, we are fiercely and loyally bound to each other in part by shared experiences, perhaps by common DNA, but undoubtedly and mostly by love.

In recognition of all families, Family Week will be observed November 21-27, 2010. To find out how you, your company or community can participate in Family Week activities go to the Alliance for Children and Families website, listed below. Also, make a note of Family Day, September 27, 2010, with the goal of curbing drug abuse problems in children by encouraging families to eat together.

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· Family Week – Alliance for Children and Families:
· Family Day:

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  1. 2010-July-2 3:12 AM

    Im really liking all your links for this week very creative I also posted the link to the painter alvaro cuevas pictures on your facebook wall

    • 2010-July-2 8:47 AM

      Thanks, Tania, I will check Facebook for your links. I am really curious to see the painter’s photos of himself. -Martie

  2. 2010-June-27 6:32 PM

    love your post I am who I am thanks to my family both DNA and spiritually related family

    • 2010-June-27 9:45 PM

      Thanks, Tania, and I agree, family includes not just those with whom we share DNA, but also those with whom we share so much more. -Martie

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