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Musings on My Music: 2011-February-23 | My Favorite Song Drippings

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

Ahh, my favorite song drippings… Hmm? What do I mean?

In my case, I am referring to all those delicious little pieces from songs I have written that I enjoy singing or hearing in the song, or reading in the lyrics. They may be little pieces with special hidden meanings only I know about, or they may turn a phrase in a certain creative way, or the words may play with each other and/or the melody in a way I could never have intentionally created… an organic creation, a serendipitous gift.

Serendipity - 12-String Guitar Head

The idea for writing about my favorite song drippings came to me as a result of my unwillingness to write about about all the many serious things that have been going on around the world in the last few weeks… revolutions in the Middle-East and protests in the Mid-West; the insane or not-fully-thought-out ideas and policies being considered or implemented to reduce the deficit or to deal with illegal immigration or to save social security or to destroy unions; the Republicans and the Democrats fighting over how to manage the budget and improve the economy; the President and Congress fighting over… well, everything; and a myriad of other topics that merit comment, but about which I have way too much to say, and about which I require a great deal more reflection… at least for now.

As I debated with myself about whether I should write new blog posts on those many things, a phrase from one of my songs (Oh, Well) kept coming to me: “I don’t speak to you, there’s too much to say.” And basically, there you have the reason why I have not written in a while and the reason why I am writing a blog post about my favorite song drippings, because perhaps we, and by we I probably mean I, need some stress-free, soul-feeding words to read… song drippings, like juicy mango drippings your tongue stretches out to lick as they slide down your chin and your hands.

Besides, after all the scary, dangerous, stressful, and uncertain things we are reading about everyday, perhaps a few mango drippings is exactly what we need!

My Favorite Song Drippings from Songs of My Life

NOTE: If you would like to read the rest of the lyrics or listen to the song, click on the title below the ‘dripping’ to go to the song’s page. Use headphones for the best sound. ‘Drippings’ are only from my released songs. P.S. I included some of my photo drippings, as well. -Martie

Big Sur Rocky Coast Print - Select Your Frame print

But, first, I want a serious ocean.
Wait for the fog to roll in.
I want steel blue, steel gray colors,
Blended with muted greens.
Make sure it’s so cold it hurts.
Make sure you mean all your words.
Then hold me close and let me cry.
Before you walk away…
Say good-bye.

— ‘A Serious Ocean by Martie Hevia

Dew on a Red Rose Print

All-night diners
Talking through the night
Coffee cups, apple pies,
Getting lost in your eyes
Asking questions,
Asking why
It took so long to find
An old-fashion love.

— ‘An Old-Fashion Love by Martie Hevia

Santa Cruz Redwoods Print - Select Your Frame print

Bare Walls
Once they said hello,
now I say good-bye to these
Bare Walls
Pack up the memories and dry the tears
Say farewell to all the years
wrapped in these Bare Walls

— ‘Bare Walls (Moving Day) by Martie Hevia

Dew Drops on a Yellow Daisy - Photo Print print

Coffee-flavored kisses
On a quiet rainy morning.
Sharing some old photographs,
While studying your face.
As my mind wanders back in time
I wish we could start over
But I know it wouldn’t be different now
As we approach the end of the game.

— ‘Coffee-Flavored Kisses (The Game) by Martie Hevia

I like endless talks and slow dancing
I prefer bad coffee over good tea
I like noisy, busy, city cafés…
Do you?

— ‘Do You? by Martie Hevia

Deer in Woods - Select Your Frame print

You find your way
into every thought and prayer.
You inspire every word,
every tear, every smile.
And with a touch or a look
You silence the noise in my head…
Calming the restless world.
— ‘Do You Know? by Martie Hevia

Carmel Sunset Couple Print - Select Your Frame print

He used to be crazy about me.
He used to love me so passionately.
I used to be his one and only.
I used to be his purpose, his life.
I used to be his best friend, his lover
I used to be his mother, his wife.

— ‘He Used To Be Crazy About Me by Martie Hevia

Long after the rain
Something in the air remains
Long after we’re gone
Our echoes go on
Long after they die
They live on in the tears we cry…
in the memories we sigh…
in the words of this lullaby.

— ‘In The Memories We Sigh by Martie Hevia

Coyote Creek Print - Select Your Frame print

I saw you today
And I noticed
No ring on your finger.
This action spoke louder
Than all your words could ever say.
And this gesture
Whispered to me
That we are finally over.
As my smile veiled a heart
Smothering in unbearable pain.

— ‘No Ring On Your Finger by Martie Hevia

Santa Cruz Mountain Road Print - Select Your Frame print

No, I can’t find peace and
comfort in your arms… again.
No, I won’t let your well-rehearsed words
seduce me again.
No, I will never give my heart and soul
to you… again.
I will never smile, so freely,
so carelessly again.

— ‘On The Edge Of This Road by Martie Hevia

California Coastline Card Series (5) card

Let’s find an empty beach somewhere
And build a warm fire on a sand dune
Make love to me as you deeply stare
Into my eyes under a round moon.

— ‘Round-n-Round I Go by Martie Hevia

Pink Poppies Garden Print - Select Your Frame print

A snake in the grass
A cover-your-ass type of guy.
Rose-colored glasses are dangerous things
Ignorant bliss doesn’t exist
The pain only builds and it builds
and it builds.

— ‘Shattered Rose-Colored Glasses by Martie Hevia

San Francisco Bay Area Print - Select Your Frame print

You left letters and photographs,
and storybook words, songs, and rhymes.
Dried flowers and wine corks
and movie ticket stubs…
Ripped pieces of a marriage license
held by yellowing tape…
I gave you my heart, my soul, my trust
And you took them all away.

— ‘Sleep-Away Days by Martie Hevia

White Rose Bud Print/Poster - Select Your Frame print

A hot cappuccino,
Sprinkled with cinnamon, kisses my lips.
As the steam rises to my face,
Come flashes of moments I miss.
Artists and poets, authors and scholars,
Lovers and broken-hearteds.
Sitting alone or in pairs,
Falling deep into thoughts or prayers.
Nothing in common,
but souls drawn to the corner sidewalk café.
…To join the endless symphony
Of voices and café noises…
To add to the cacophony
Of cups meeting saucers.

— ‘The Corner Sidewalk Café by Martie Hevia

Carmel Sunset 10 Print - Select Your Frame print

When I say good-bye
I’ll be strong, I won’t cry.
When I say good-bye
I know you won’t have to try.
And your days begin,
And your days will end
And your heart won’t
Skip a beat for me.
And the things you broke
Will never heal,
Will never mend in me.

— ‘When I Say Good-Bye by Martie Hevia

Blue Daisy Print - Select Your Frame print

Tearful eyes
Never know how to say good-bye.
Two lonely souls longing for the other, ask
Why do you have to go?”
“We should already know…
Where we should go from here.”

— ‘Where Do We Go From Here? by Martie Hevia

Lake Tahoe Print - Select Your Frame print

Why take my ring
and everything I am?
Why pretend to be, in front of me,
a different kind of man?
Why pursue me so charmingly
only to push me away?
Why hide from me and not the world
your other victim, the other girl?
So can you answer for me:

— ‘Why? by Martie Hevia

Deer in Hills Print - Select Your Frame print

Who needs forever…
With one crazy night of sex?
Who needs affection…
When all you want is sex?
Who needs meaningful interaction…
When all you’re looking for
Is one night of passion?
You don’t want me.
You want my body.
You want sex.

— ‘You Want Sex by Martie Hevia

Do you have some favorite drippings from songs you listen to? Those little pieces of songs that speak to you, that move you, that marked a special moment in your life, or that take you back in time? I hope you share some of your favorite song drippings.

Martie Hevia © 2011 | All Rights Reserved

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