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Inspiring Moments in Poetic Tweets… & Happy 5th Anniversary, Twitter!

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

[Updated: April 6, 2011 | 7:45 a.m. PST]

If you follow me on Twitter or have seen my Twitter widget on the sidebar of this blog, then you know that I ‘tweet’… and I may be a wee bit addicted.

(For my parents, no worries, it is not a medical condition and it is not illegal.)

What I love most about Twitter is the access to information directly from the sources as news happens – it is like my morning newspaper. And to that I am a bit addicted. But I also “tweet,” writing 140-character messages about current events, research I’m doing, great articles I’ve read, useful resources and websites, funny videos, pertinent or favorite quotes, politics, art, media, recipes, articles or blog posts I’ve written, songs I’ve composed and recorded, new product designs I’ve made with my photography and graphic designs, and, yes, the weather… among countless other things… and I send it off into cyberspace!

There is so much in the world to talk about, but if you ask me what I tweet about most, perhaps I would say politics and government – I think it is our duty as citizens in a democracy to stay informed and share that information – it keeps our politicians honest and it helps us know for whom and for what we should vote in the next election. Twitter is a great tool for that – ask the protesters in Egypt who changed their country’s government in a matter of weeks.

So, when I noticed that someone who follows me on Twitter had put me on their “Inspiration-Motivation” list, I was a bit surprised. I share the occasional quote, but… really? I’m not trying to spread inspiration, not intentionally. Information and education? Sure. But I thought it was cool, nonetheless, that someone read something I tweeted and found it inspiring or motivating. What could that have been?

Going back through my tweets, I found a few that, if not inspirational, at least seemed a little poetic. As I read through my old tweets, I realized that without effort, Twitter was helping me capture little random (perhaps) inspiring moments, which normally would have passed with some notice, but without immortalization.

So, thank you, Twitter, for helping me capture these little snippets of thoughts and moments in my life… and Happy 5th Anniversary!

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  1. 2011-April-15 1:59 AM

    I’m proud to follow you on Twitter amiga

    Tania Azevedo

    • 2011-April-15 11:35 AM

      Thanks, Tania, and I enjoy following you, @superfan33, on Twitter as well! -Martie

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