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Blue Beach Song Creations Update: June 26, 2012

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

One of the things I enjoy most about having varied interests and abilities, is the variety of creative ways that I can express myself and the world I experience – no doubt you do too. Unfortunately, that also means that there are periods in time when I feel most creative through one particular outlet – like my music, or my writing, or my photography, or my graphic designs – and need to focus on just that one creative outlet, while reluctantly putting the others quietly on the shelf.

Now is such a period. Lately, and with some guilt, my writing (this blog) and my music have taken a backseat to my photography and graphic designs, which I call Blue Beach Song Creations and sell through my Zazzle shop, Blue Beach Song™. I thought it might be worth writing about, lest you think I’ve fallen off the face of cyberspace.

My latest efforts include designs for the Senior Class of 2013, electronic gadget protections, belt buckles and embroidered hats. (Samples of which you can see below.)

Symbiotically, I also try to focus on the marketing side of these creations, which include the use of Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, SoundCloud, YouTube, and new venues like Pinterest. Most recently, I’ve been creating Pinterest boards and uploading photographs to a new Facebook Page, Blue Beach Song Photography, to accompany Blue Beach Song Cove. Although it does involve a bit of work and a commitment of time, all of these social media sites are great ways to meet new people, share ideas, and promote your artistic endeavors.

If you think about it, it is an amazing time in history to be a creative person, a Renaissance woman or man. The Internet, the World Wide Web, and the technology available to us, all together, provide us with endless opportunities to be creative and profitable, to be self-published writers and philosophers, to be CD/MP3-selling songwriters and singers, to be marketable artists and photographers, to be successful entrepreneurs and self-employed work-at-home parents. What an amazing time!

Wishing you inspiration, motivation and success. I’ll see you in cyberspace… -Martie

Your feedback and comments on the products below are greatly appreciated! To purchase any of the products, simply click on the photo or link. Thanks!

Blue Beach Song™ Belt Buckles:

These pewter belt buckles, available in oval or rectangular, are made in the U.S.A. and sold through my Blue Beach Song™ Shop at Zazzle. Printed in full, vibrant color and finished with a UV resistant and waterproof coating. Each burnished silver belt buckle arrives in a black felt bag that is perfect for gifting.

(Click for more Belt Buckles by Blue Beach Song)

Lost in a Dream - Belt Buckle Lost in a Dream - Belt Buckle
Sunflower Sun - Belt Buckle Sunflower & Friends Bouquet - Belt Buckle
Hot Pink Rose - Belt Buckle Dew on a Lavender Rose - Belt Buckle
Exotic Blue Wildflower - Belt Buckle Bird of Paradise - Belt Buckle
Butterfly Iris - Belt Buckle Calla Lily - Belt Buckle
Dew on a Yellow Daisy - Belt Buckle Yellow Daisy in Black - Belt Buckle
Dry Grass - Belt Buckle California Poppy - Belt Buckle
Yellow on White - Belt Buckle White Daisy - Belt Buckle
Dew on a Red Rose - Belt Buckle Red Rose Bud - Belt Buckle
Blue Daisy - Belt Buckle Blue Daisy Bud - Belt Buckle
I Am Priceless - Belt Buckle Guitar - Belt Buckle
Be Sparkly - Belt Buckle Be Happy - Belt Buckle

Blue Beach Song™ Embroidered Hats:

There are three different styles of embroidered hats, which include a basic adjustable cap, a basic flexfit wool cap, and a distressed chino twill cap. Any of the designs can be purchased in any of the three cap styles. The embroidered hat designs I’m working on are part of my A Positive Word product line.

  • Basic Adjustable Cap
    This chino twill cap has a pre-curved bill, cloth strap and an antique brass slide buckle closure with tuck-in grommet, so it fits well on anyone. Contrasting navy underbill on all colors except white, black and pink.
    Happy - Embroidered Hat
  • Basic Flexfit Wool Cap
    This high-quality, embroidered Flexfit cap is available in two stretchable sizes, it gives you a really comfortable fit. The cap features a Permacurv® visor, silver underbill, fused hard buckram 8.89 cm. crown, 6 sewn eyelets for breathability and taped seams.
    Strong - Embroidered Hat
  • Distressed Chino Twill Cap
    This enzyme-washed hat from District Threads is comfortable as an old friend, it’s 100% cotton and has an unstructured style with 6 panels and a low profile. Make it the perfect size with the metal D-ring slider buckle and hideaway cloth strap.

Love - Embroidered Hat

(Click for more Embroidered Hat Designs by Blue Beach Song)

Blue Beach Song™ Electronic Gadget Protection:

Do you love your gadgets? Well, love means using protection… sleeves, bags, skins and cases for all your electronic gadgets and toys, including iPads, iPhones, Kindle Fire, and laptops.

(Click for more Electronic Gadget Protection Designs by Blue Beach Song)

Guitar - iPad Speck Case
Guitar – iPad Speck Case by bluebeachsong
Yellow Daisy - iPad Speck Case Red Rose - iPad Speck Case Blue Daisy Bud - iPad Speck Case U.S.A. - iPad Speck Case Lighthouse - iPad Speck Case Retirement: Priceless - iPad Speck Case I Am Priceless - iPad Speck Case Priceless - Graduating Ipad Case Stars - iPad Speck Case Pink Love Blossoms - iPad Speck Case Blue Daisy Bud - iPad Speck Case Priceless - Graduating

Yellow Daisy - iPad Skin
Yellow Daisy – iPad Skin by bluebeachsong
Guitar - iPad Skin Pink Love Blossoms - iPad Skin Stars - iPad Skin Beach Girl Sun - iPad Skin

Lighthouse - iPad Rickshaw Sleeve Sleeves For Ipads
Lighthouse – iPad Rickshaw Sleeve by bluebeachsong
Yellow Daisy - iPad Rickshaw Sleeve Sleeves For Ipads Guitar - iPad Rickshaw Sleeve U.S.A. - iPad Rickshaw Sleeve Sleeves For Ipads Red Rose - iPad Rickshaw Sleeve Ipad Sleeve

American Flag Barn iPhone Speck Case
American Flag Barn iPhone Speck Case by bluebeachsong
Graduating 2012 Priceless (Personalize) - iPhone S Lighthouse - iPhone 4/4S Speck Case Guitar - iPhone 4/4S Speck Case Yellow Daisy - iPhone 4/4S Speck Case

Pink Love Blossoms - iPhone 4/4S Tough Case
Pink Love Blossoms – iPhone 4/4S Tough Case by bluebeachsong
Yellow Daisy - iPhone 4/4S Tough Case Iphone 4 Tough Case Guitar - iPhone 4/4S Tough Case Tough Iphone 4 Cases Lighthouse - iPhone 4/4S Tough Case Blue Bud Daisy - iPhone 4/4S Tough Case

Blue Bud Daisy - Cell Phone Bag
Blue Bud Daisy – Cell Phone Bag by bluebeachsong
Pink Love Blossoms - Cell Phone Bag Wristlet Purse Guitar - Cell Phone Bag Wristlet Clutch Yellow Daisy - Cell Phone Bag Wristlets Lighthouse - Cell Phone Bag

Stars - Kindle Fire Skin
Stars – Kindle Fire Skin by bluebeachsong
Yellow Daisy - Kindle Fire Skin Guitar - Kindle Fire Skin Beach Girl Sun - Kindle Fire Skin Pink Love Blossoms - Kindle Fire Skin

Red Rose - Kindle 3 Skin
Red Rose – Kindle 3 Skin by bluebeachsong
Pink Love Blossoms - Kindle 3 Skin Yellow Daisy - Kindle 3 Skin Blue Bud Daisy - Kindle 3 Skin Guitar - Kindle 3 Skin

Beach Girl Sun - Laptop Skin
Beach Girl Sun – Laptop Skin by bluebeachsong
Stars - Laptop Skin Pink Love Blossoms - Laptop Skin Guitar - Laptop Skin Yellow Daisy - Laptop Skin

Blue Beach Song™ Senior Class of 2013:

The Senior Class of 2013 designs are made to help high school seniors and graduating classes of 2013 celebrate and commemorate their year.

(Click for more Senior Class of 2013 Designs by Blue Beach Song)

Senior 2013 Note Card (Personalize) Senior 2013 - Belt Buckle
Senior 2013 - Homework Notes Note Books Senior 2013 Keychain (Personalize)
Senior 2013 Binder (Personalize) Senior Class of 2013 Postage
Senior 2013 - Ringer Mug Senior 2013 - Frosted Mug
Senior 2013 tee shirts Class of 2013 - Graduating Priceless - Apparel Shirt
Senior 2013 (Personalize) Tee Shirt Senior 2013 Rickshaw Messenger Bag

Martie Hevia © 2009-2012 | All Rights Reserved

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