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Song Backstory | On The Edge Of This Road

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

The song “On The Edge Of This Road” is about breaking up… again… and for the last time.

It is a song about heartbreak and betrayal; about losing the ability to trust and believe again in the person you love. It is a mournful cry about what was lost and what will never be. It is about lost dreams and innocence.

It is also a declaration of independence and strength. A declaration that you will not allow yourself to be hurt again. A declaration to move on with your life and leave the past behind. A story about endings and beginnings.

As the song implies, I wrote it on the edge of a back road in Half Moon Bay, looking out on a serious dark steel ocean as the marine layer, clouds, and drizzling rain blew in… a perfect night for breaking up and writing songs.

This is a story like so many others, unique perhaps only in the details… and perhaps in the depth of the scars.

All that said, it is a sweet song of love and love lost and I hope you enjoy it. -Martie

Lyrics | On The Edge Of This Road by Martie Hevia

For best sound, use headphones to listen to On The Edge Of This Road.

No, I can’t let you do this to me again.
No, I won’t let you pretend to be my friend.
No, I will never trust your eyes again.
I will never smile, so freely,
so carelessly again.
No, I can’t find peace and
comfort in your arms… again.
No, I won’t let your well-rehearsed words seduce me again.
No, I will never give my heart and soul
to you… again.
I will never smile, so freely,
so carelessly again.
I can only run away from you now.
The tears distort all that may lie ahead
for me now.
Just let me close my eyes and
drown in my pain.
I’ll sit quietly here
on the edge of this road…
In the rain.
Don’t say that you love me anymore.
I can’t bear to hear you lie to me anymore.
Don’t say I’m the one, the only one
who made you feel…
Or that our love was unique
or the passion was real.
Please go away and don’t call out my name
Don’t whisper “I love you’s” —
It won’t be the same.
The past is all that we have,
as brief as it was.
It’s all that remains here –
That, and my pain.
I am reminded of too many sleep-away days.
Dreaming of porches and rocking chairs
and old age.
Realizing God doesn’t always listen
when one prays.
I promise myself I won’t let you
hurt me again…
As I quietly sit here…
on the edge of this road…
In the rain.

On The Edge Of This Road | Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

(Available at Amazon)

Martie Hevia (c) 2014 | All Rights Reserved

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