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Bird in Half Moon Bay | Photo Essay

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

This little brown bird greeted me repeatedly over the course of a few days and nights in Half Moon Bay. He would fly in, stop on the fence post, look around, and then swoop in to sit on my chair, on my arm rest, on my lap. We grew comfortable with each other as we watched the larger sea birds – seagulls, pelicans, cranes, and sandpipers – fly inches off the water or bob on the waves or run from them on the shore. We watched the boats that came and went or stayed. We listened to the hypnotic waves lapping on the shore, the foghorn, and the seals arguing over space on the dock. This little bird would come with the early morning fog as the sun rose over the hills and then later return for the setting sun over the ocean as the marine layer and darkness moved in. It’s been a few days since I left Half Moon Bay, but this morning I woke up thinking about my feathered seashore companion, wondering if he noticed I was gone. -Martie


Bird in Half Moon Bay 2016 Summer 1wm

Bird in Half Moon Bay 2016 Summer 2wm

Bird in Half Moon Bay 2016 Summer 3wm

Photography by Martie Hevia:

Blue Beach Song™ Photography by Martie Hevia includes in its subject matter California’s beautiful seascapes, landscapes, flora, and fauna – as well as what I call everyday “walk art”™ or the kind of incidental art you discover by walking around neighborhoods. The photography is available for purchase as posters and framed prints, in any size, and in any frame style and canvas quality of your choice.

More at Photography by Martie Hevia & Blue Beach Song™ Creations

Martie Hevia © 2016 | All Rights Reserved

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  1. Francisco Gomez permalink
    2016-August-12 1:04 PM

    touching thoughts, expressed with feeling!

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