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Politics 2012 Through Commercial Art

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

Mitt Romney Is Sketchy - Etch A Sketch zazzle_button

A long-standing tradition in American politics is for politicians to beg for ridiculous amounts of money so that their campaigns can spend ridiculous amounts of money on advertising and other promotional materials in the hopes of two things: swinging voters from the opposition candidate to their own and motivating their die-hard supporters to show up on election day and vote.

We can’t escape it. It’s everywhere.

Elect Mitt Romney For President zazzle_button

As we approach the November elections, we will not be able to turn on the television without navigating through dozens of commercials that often have little respect for the truth and are paid for by not only the campaigns and the political parties, but by corporations that often disguise themselves as groups with benevolent names intentionally unrelated to them or the views they espouse, after all, how can you disagree with a commercial paid for by Americans for Motherhood and Apple Pie?

You won’t be able to walk out the door without stumbling over campaign lawn posters or sidewalk tents. You will not be able to avoid being affronted with campaign fliers shoved in your face by well-meaning campaign volunteers or stuffed in your mailbox by your neighborhood postman. And you won’t be able to drive without reading catchy campaign bumper stickers, or walk without bumping into someone wearing a campaign button or political shirt.

anti-Obama zazzle_button

In fact, we are so bombarded by political commercial messaging, that we are forced to duck and dodge without really appreciating the art and wit that can often be found on the face of a campaign button or on the shirt of a political supporter.

This inspirational, informational, motivational, and sometimes annoying, tacky, distasteful, and truth-deficient art – disguised in the form of political campaign buttons, shirts, bumper stickers and posters – might be worth a second look.

After all, it is through this political art-form that we have an opportunity to express and define ourselves, convince others or incite discussion, show our support or disdain, or have a little fun while traversing the tense political issues on our way to the voting booth.

Stand For Change, Obama zazzle_button

In the end, collectors can walk away with a memento of their candidate or perhaps an important historical artifact – only time will tell. In the meantime, the rest of us can enjoy some pretty talented artists who use wit and art to create some powerful, persuasive, political visual statements.

Yes We Can Do Better: Vote 2012 zazzle_mug

Following are some standouts I have picked out for your enjoyment!

(Click on any image to view product or purchase.)

Love: Unions - Button zazzle_buttonYes We Can Do Better (1a) - Shirts - Just Say It zazzle_shirt
Reelect Obama / Biden 2012 zazzle_buttonObama Logo zazzle_button
Barack Obama in Living Color (Foursquare Button) zazzle_button2012 No Dems zazzle_shirt
PASS THE JOB BILL NOW BUTTON zazzle_buttonAss Man zazzle_shirt
One Pint Men's Black T-Shirt zazzle_shirtShirt - Vote! zazzle_shirt
Obama Penny Button zazzle_buttonPresident Obama zazzle_button
OMG - Obama Must Go zazzle_buttonPrincples Against Obama zazzle_button
I'm An Obama Girl Buttons zazzle_buttonNobama button zazzle_button
obama 2012 zazzle_buttonNationwide Tea Party Revolution Button zazzle_button
Nobama zazzle_buttonObama Obama Button zazzle_button
Romney Chick Button I Heart Mitt zazzle_buttonCute Pink Elephant, Romney 2012 zazzle_button
Anti Mitt Romney - Faker Logo zazzle_buttonThe Right Is Wrong zazzle_button
Vote for Romney 2012 Button zazzle_buttonMitt Romney 2012 Election Campaign Gear Gift zazzle_button
Romney The Job Reaper zazzle_buttonVote for Romney 2012 Button zazzle_button
CHANGE zazzle_buttonRomney Ultimate Position Indicator zazzle_button
Veterans for Ron Paul Retro Button zazzle_buttonRon Paul 2012 Button zazzle_button
Peace Ron Paul 2012 zazzle_button'Be Heard' Ron Paul Button zazzle_button
Campaign for Liberty Save the Constitution zazzle_buttonOops zazzle_button
Ron Paul for President 2012 zazzle_buttonRon Paul Grass Roots Button zazzle_button
Anti Obama 2012 - Out of Hope zazzle_buttonB.I.O.B. Blame It On Bush zazzle_button
Conservative Patriot 2 zazzle_buttonPeace Through Strength zazzle_button
Newt Gingrich 2012 zazzle_buttonBorn Free but Taxed to Death zazzle_button
Obama 2012 Ship Sinking zazzle_buttonCain Do Button zazzle_buttonGovernor Rick Perry For President 2012 zazzle_buttonNewt Gingrich for President 2012 zazzle_button
Saintorum Wins Big zazzle_buttonBare Arms Rick Santorum Sweater Vest 2012 zazzle_button
Dr. Rick's Personal Lubricant zazzle_buttonTea Party! zazzle_button
VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS zazzle_buttonDemocrat Button zazzle_buttonVote Republican Button zazzle_buttonProud Republican Button zazzle_button
When did our Public Servants become Royalty? zazzle_buttonRepublicans For Barack Obama Button zazzle_button
Miss Me Yet? zazzle_buttonDanger: Right Wing Extremist zazzle_button
I'm Going to a TEA PARTY! zazzle_buttonAmerica China Buttons zazzle_button
Child's Peace Sign zazzle_buttonElect Hillary Clinton President zazzle_buttonGrunge Peace Symbol zazzle_button
Tea Party Button zazzle_buttonPro Life, Pro God, Pro Gun zazzle_buttonPrefer Libertarians Button zazzle_button
Strong, Republican Elephant zazzle_shirtI'm A Proud Democrat Shirt zazzle_shirtVote Republican party President CUSTOMIZE zazzle_shirt
OBAMA PEACE zazzle_shirtLiberal, Born to Raise Issues! zazzle_shirtDont be an ass zazzle_shirt
Romney 2012, Single Star Elephant Graphic zazzle_shirtBecome the One Percent, Anti-Occupy Wall Street zazzle_shirtLibertarian zazzle_shirt
BARACK & ROLL 2012 zazzle_shirtYes We Can Obama T-shirt zazzle_shirt
President Barack Obama 2012 Gear zazzle_shirtQuilted Obama T-shirt zazzle_shirt
4 More Yrs of This ? zazzle_shirtMitt Romney Flip Flop / Flip Flopper zazzle_shirt
Which One Are You Drinking? zazzle_shirtBetter Bring Yours! zazzle_shirt
NOT VOTING REPUBLICAN MODERN T-SHIRT zazzle_shirtOne Term, Anti Barack Obama Vintage Style zazzle_shirt
Guns & Patriots zazzle_shirtWE CAN DO IT OBAMA TSHIRT DESIGN zazzle_shirt
obamaville failed economy no recovery zazzle_shirtUncle Sam Wants Romney zazzle_shirt
Yes We Can yes We Did Obama 2012 Satire zazzle_shirtTwo Sided Sky Rocket Gasoline zazzle_shirt
Yes We Can Do Better: Vote 2012 zazzle_mug

Politics 2012 Promotional Products

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