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A Moment with Nature: The Baseball Field, The Farm, and The Orchard

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

As much as I appreciate the efficiency of writing on a laptop, there is still no feeling like picking up a heavily weighted and perfectly balanced pen to write on a crisp, quality piece of paper, decadently gold-edged and hardbound in a leather journal.

A journal travels well tossed in a hiker’s backpack or a beachcomber’s bag for a day of hiking, meandering, pondering, dreaming, reveling, and relaxing. And thus, either with camera in hand or through pen and journal, I cannot help but attempt to capture in some way, for some later day, my moments with nature.

Here is one of those moments… -Martie

The Baseball Field, The Farm, and The Orchard

Sitting at the baseball field, sometime before the sun has had a chance to clear the horizon, I sip my morning coffee, delaying my yoga stretches, while listening to the roosters trumpet their wake-up call.

Feeling protected by the orchards behind me… yellow mustards blanketing the rows between the bare trees… I am aware of the small farm to my left, from where I can hear the cows and the horses, the sheep and the goats, beckoning the roosters to give them a few moments more of sleep.

A heavy mist hides the bases and the outfield before me, allowing only the pitcher’s mound to float above. To my right, the almost-mountain does the same, barely peeking above the marine layer that has flowed in from Monterey Bay.

Not much beyond where I sit, the world fades and disappears in fog. There are no people or cars or noise… the moment belongs to me alone.

Orchard Mustard Fields zazzle_print

Martie Hevia © 2012 | All Rights Reserved

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