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Blogging… To Be or Not To Be Personal

By Martie Hevia | Blue Beach Song™

One of the hardest things to navigate when writing a blog is how personal to get, how much of yourself to expose and share with people. You think about what kind of people might read your blog… random strangers, family, friends, employers, colleagues, neighbors, people who don’t like you very much, or people who steal identities to do you harm.

As a writer, that is the first thing you need to figure out, your audience. To whom are you talking? In the old days, before the internet (yes, I was young, but alive), you pretty much knew your audience – a school newspaper article, a letter to your aunt, a college termpaper, an ad campaign for young twenty-somethings, or an article for technology investors, you could custom-tailor the message to the audience.

But now, with this blog, I find myself debating whether I should write about certain topics or not. Does this or that give too much away? Would someone use anything I write for some nefarious purpose? Will I regret it in the morning?

To be or not to be personal, that is the question.

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