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FEATURED BLOG POST: Memories of the Towers that Fell on a September Morning


Welcome to Blue Beach Song.
I hope you enjoy reading from my eclectic collection of articles/blog posts listed below. (More recent ones listed first.)

If you like my Blue Beach Song Blog, then you might also want to check out my other blogs: Blue Beach Song Music, all about my songs & music, and Blue Beach Song Creations, all about my photography & designs.

Please know your feedback, thoughts & comments are always appreciated.

All the best, -Martie (Blue Beach Song)

Blue Beach Song Blog Posts:

Photography by Martie Hevia

Martie Hevia (c) All Rights Reserved

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  1. 2012-December-3 4:00 PM

    I love your pictures, California looks quite beautiful 🙂 I’m enjoying listening to your songs right now on Soundcloud and exploring your blog. I love when people there have wordpress blogs because then it’s easier for me to keep up! Hope you are well!

    • 2012-December-5 3:19 PM

      Thanks, Jennifer, I really appreciate your kind words and, yes, California is a beautiful state. Thank you for listening to my songs. You have a very cool sound yourself. I am on my way to check out your blog, if it’s half as interesting as your songs I know I will enjoy it. Thanks, again! -Martie

    • 2012-December-5 4:13 PM

      You are too kind! 🙂

  2. ardent fan permalink
    2011-August-3 8:58 AM

    Great blog! Your write-ups on the Casey Anthony case are spot on. I look forward to what you have to say when she finally does an interview on TV.

    Your songs express deep emotions, the photography is beautiful and creative, your designs have a young and kind of funky look, and your poetic writing style are all signs of a very sensitive soul. I’m sure that you will do well with your website and I will always be an ardent fan.

    • 2011-August-3 11:22 PM

      Thanks for your much-too-kind words… I think I might be blushing! -Martie

  3. 2010-April-17 4:18 AM

    An anonymous young fellow, or dame, named Diablo, penned Tree on me. At a site called Intentblog (now closed), I talked about camping by the Missouri River, and mentioned a few of the things, including spiritual awakenings, that I’d experienced at my favorite spot. He must have thought I sounded like I was stationed there, or had put down roots there, in order to call me a tree. Since he claimed to be in his 20’s, I thought of him as a nephew, which made me his uncle.

    Father Tree would have made me look like a priest, and Brother Tree sounds to me like a deacon, and I really didn’t want to be cornered into anything too specific, such as Elder Tree, Sir Willow or Mr. Elmwood. But now that I have a caricature, I believe I’m an oak.

    If you’re up for it, I’d like to feature one of your pics over one of my poems.
    You can decide the rules, details, etc. I would just be borrowing it, of course.
    If you’re interested, let me know. It’s not a big deal either way, okay?

    Have a great Saturday, Martie! — btw, my older brother’s name is Marty. 🙂 UT

  4. 2010-April-14 4:00 PM

    You have some very beautiful pictures, Martie!
    The garden variety especially. Great growing, girl!

    About my visit today — I enjoyed it immensely!
    I so love Spring. Now that I’m a tree, I see differently.

    Really 😉 Hello! UT

    • 2010-April-15 8:46 AM

      Uncle Tree, you are much too kind, but thank you for the lovely words. It makes me very happy to think that perhaps my photos brought you a little joy. If I may, you are lucky to be a tree and “see differently.” Not many have such opportunities. What kind of tree are you? (By the way, trees and beaches are two of my most favorite things… If I could be a tree, I would have a hard time choosing between a Redwood, a white Birch, or a Willow tree, but to be a tree at the beach… mmm, I might have to be a coconut tree.) As for Spring, it is a magical time of the year, and so I wish you a magical Spring day! Thanks, again. -Martie

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